Naka Cave restored to its original glory


In a Facebook post on Tuesday (September 15), the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation said the impolite words scratched on the wall of the Naka Cave had been removed.

The cave, located in the Phu Langka National Park, had been closed to public since September 9 due to vandalism.
The Facebook post said the national park chief along with officials from the Department of Mineral Resources had surveyed the cave after signs of vandalism had been removed. It also said areas nearby were also checked for vandalism.
However, no mention was made as to when the cave and its nearby areas will reopen.
The Naka Cave in Bueng Kan province was for the first time opened to public mid this year.
The cave earned its name for the shape and texture of stones that make the walls look like the scaled skin of a snake. Myth has it that this cave was created after a Naga princess was cursed for falling in love with a human prince.