Saturday, July 24, 2021


5,000 CCTV cameras to be installed in Bangkok to boost security

The Royal Thai Police (RTP) is working with the Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) to install an additional 5,000 CCTV cameras in areas prone to crimes in 50 districts of Bangkok, aiming to increase public security, said Pol Maj-General Yingyos Thepjamnong, RTP spokesman on Friday.



“The cameras would also help prevent crimes as well as provide concrete evidence to investigation officials in case of crimes,” he said.
“The Metropolitan Police Bureau will list the areas that need cameras and survey the actual locations for installation suitability before reporting to MEA who will carry out the installation.”

5,000 CCTV cameras to be installed in Bangkok to boost security

Deputy MEA governor and MEA spokesman Jaturong Suriyasasin added that apart from camera installation, the MEA would also support RTP with related infrastructure and services such as installing additional street lights in crime-prone areas and would be responsible for the maintenance of CCTV system.
“The Royal Thai Police would like to thank the Metropolitan Electricity Authority for their cooperation and support in the mission to increase public security and prevent crimes, which will ultimately boost our efficiency in law enforcement,” said the RTP spokesman.

Published : October 10, 2020