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Lawyers council takes up cause of victims in fake copyright infringement case

The Roi Et Lawyers Council has taken up the fight of victims of a krathong copyright infringement case, and filed a complaint at Thawatchaburi Police Station in Roi Et province on Friday against the self-proclaimed copyright agents in Thailand

Pongsakorn Thangkittrakul, chairman of the lawyers' council, explained that Prajak Photipol, the representative from Verisec who claimed to be a copyright agent in Thailand, and his team targeted for criminal action krathongs made in the shapes of popular cartoon characters and displayed on the Facebook pages of Sukanya Kanharat and Marisa Phayaso. The two were arrested by police on the charge of copyright infringement.

"However, it was found later that Prajak's power of attorney was fake, so the investigation officer and attorney ordered not to prosecute the two alleged offenders and the offender's relative, Nongrak Phayaso," he explained.

Pongsakorn explained that after the attorney ordered not to take legal action, the Roi Et Lawyers Council decided to assist the offenders and are providing legal advice since then.

"The council has helped the parents of the victims and other victims to file a complaint against Prajak's gang for alleged perjury to the investigation officers under Section 172 of the Criminal Code, using fake documents, indirect detention by informing the police to arrest the victims, child abduction as Sukanya was arrested when she was around 16-17 years, and extortion, as the victims were ordered to pay a Bt50,000 fine," he explained.

He added that after the investigation officer is notified, they would investigate further and submit a summary of the complaint to the attorney.

The case previously gained attention among people as no one expected use of handicraft skills in their profession would be considered a copyright infringement.

Published : October 10, 2020

By : The Nation