Mon, January 24, 2022


Tossaporn slams Prayut for deceiving people as Arnon rearrested

Dr Tossaporn Serirak, a former Pheu Thai MP who was arrested for helping protesters injured in the October 16 government crackdown, updated the press on Tuesday of protest leader Arnon Nampa’s condition and slammed the PM for his action against protesters.

On Tuesday morning, Arnon was released from Chiang Mai Central Prison, but re-arrested and detained in Bangkok’s Chana Songkram Police Station. Police then took Arnon to the Ratchada Criminal Court to seek permission to hold him at the Bangkok Remand Prison. 
Tossaporn said he visited Arnon, who is also a human-rights lawyer, and found him in a cheerful state. 
The doctor recorded a clip of Arnon telling his supporters that he was fine and that they should continue fighting. “Being imprisoned is okay for me, because I was born to fight,” he said. 
Meanwhile, Tossaporn said capturing, releasing and re-capturing protest leaders was a far cry from the “stepping back” claim Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha made last week. He also accused Prayut of deceiving people and said the only way he can prove his sincerity is if he resigns.


Published : October 27, 2020