Tue, November 30, 2021


Alleged ‘K Nomphong’ sellers say they bought deadly drug on Facebook

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Three narcotics sellers, arrested from allegedly selling the deadly “K Nomphong” powder, confessed that they had purchased the powder via Facebook.

The police reportedly arrested the three on Wednesday. Two of them, aged 19 and 20, were charged at a condominium located in Lam Luk Ka district, Pathum Thani.

The third suspect, named Rattanachot (his surname was not revealed), 21, was arrested at a village in Bangkok’s Sai Mai district.

The three arrests came after an alleged dealer named Sirikarn, 23, was nabbed on Monday in the district.

The three dealers confessed they had bought K Nomphong from a Facebook user called “High”, said to be aged around 20.

K Nomphong is a mixture of ketamine, methamphetamine, heroin and a sleeping pill called “Rose”. It is believed to be popular on the outskirts of Bangkok near Pathum Thani province.

The drug is called K Nomphong because it looks like milk powder, or “nomphong” in Thai.

Published : January 13, 2021