Tue, October 26, 2021


BMA advises caution as city's air quality declines

Air quality has fallen below safe standards in most areas of Bangkok, the Environment Department of the city administration said on Sunday.

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) reported on Sunday at 7am that the PM2.5 (particulate matter less than 2.5 micrometres in diameter) 24-hour average dust index was found to have exceeded the safe standard in 57 areas.

Measured in the range of 39-76 micrograms/cubic metre (mcg/m3) the 24-hour standard value should not exceed 50mcg/m3.

Air quality in Bangkok averaged at 58.8mcg/m3.

Most of the air quality ranged from moderate to unhealthy.

The general public in areas with excess air pollution should monitor their health. If there are initial symptoms such as cough, difficulty in breathing or eye irritation, the duration of outdoor activities should be shortened, especially for the elderly, children and respiratory patients, and protective equipment must be used if necessary, the BMA said.

Published : January 17, 2021

By : The Nation