Sat, October 16, 2021


Myanmar junta blocks social media, people switch platforms to express anger

Social-media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, messenger and WhatsApp were blocked in Myanmar on Thursday, just days after the military seized power earlier this week.

The authorities said Facebook would be blocked at least until Sunday.

Myanmar’s Communications and Information Ministry said social media is being blocked because people are affecting the country’s stability by spreading fake news and misinformation, especially through Facebook.

People have been using social media to voice opposition to the coup as well as to share ideas on how they can rise up against the military. Facebook is used by half of Myanmar’s 54 million people.

Unfazed by the ban, many people have either switched using a new VPN or moved to another platform.

They say the civil disobedience movement will continue.

Meanwhile, many medical groups and government officials have also joined the movement by participating in strikes and expressing their opposition to the military by raising three fingers. The three-finger salute was made famous by the “Hunger Games” films and has also been used in Thailand by the anti-establishment movement. Many celebrities and actors have also joined the campaign in Myanmar.

Published : February 04, 2021