Sun, October 24, 2021


Vets tranquilise elephant guarding its sick mother

Veterinarians called to treat a sick wild female elephant in Chantaburi province on Sunday found their patient being guarded by a younger elephant, thought to be its offspring.


The ailing mother elephant, aged around 20 years old, was discovered lying on the ground in a rubber plantation, being protected by a 2-3-year-old tusker who was chasing away people who came near.


The veterinarians and forestry officials first administered a tranquiliser to the smaller elephant before treating the sick mother with injections of glucose, vitamins and drugs.


The elephant was left to recover overnight. If the creature is still unable to move on Monday, the veterinarians plan to help it to its feet using a winch from Nern Plub Wan Animal Hospital in Pattaya.


Published : March 01, 2021