Sun, October 17, 2021


Asian Highway Route right-lane minimum speed set at 100 km/h

The Government Gazette website has published new speed limits for vehicles on national highways.

On National Highway No. 32 Bang Pa-in - Phayuha Khiri (Ayutthaya - Ang Thong), known as Asian Highway Route, between Km4 + 100 to Km50 + 000, both inbound and outbound -- a total distance of 45.9 kilometres -- the speed of the vehicle should be as prescribed in the ministerial regulations. This will come into effect from April 1.

Passenger cars can go up to 120 km/h and not less than 100 km/h when driving on the right lane; trucks and buses with more than 15 people cannot exceed 90 km/h; buses with 7-15 people cannot exceed 100 km/h, small four-wheel vehicles, three-wheel vehicles not above 65 km/h; motorcycles not over 80 km/h, 400cc motorcycles up to 110 km/h and school buses up to 80 km/h.

Published : March 28, 2021

By : The Nation