Thu, October 28, 2021


All surgeries at Rajavithi Hospital cancelled after pub-hopping neurosurgeon tests positive for Covid-19

A doctor from Rajavithi Hospital has tested positive for Covid-19 and is believed to have picked up the virus from a pub in the Ekkamai area.


The hospital released a statement a medical personnel working in the neurosurgery ward was infected with Covid-19 and had a history of visiting pubs in Victory Monument and Ekkamai areas.


The Hospital Infection Control Committee has ordered the hospital to take the following measures:


• Refrain from accepting new patients and refer non-urgent cases.


• Close all operation theatres from Wednesday and only accept surgeries from April 19 onwards.


• No non-urgent surgeries or procedures to be done from Wednesday until April 18.


• All related areas to be given an ozone-based deep clean.


• All medical training courses to proceed as usual except for surgery.


Published : April 07, 2021