Sweden, UK, Aussie embassies join the trend sparked by group urging people to leave Thailand

TUESDAY, MAY 04, 2021

Three embassies have joined the new social-media trend started by the “Yai Pratet Kan Ter” (Let’s move out of this country) group by providing advice on their Facebook pages.

The “Yai Pratet Kan Ter” Facebook page was launched on Friday and quickly became popular, gathering as many as 650,000 followers as of Tuesday morning.

Most posts on this page are from people sharing their experiences overseas as well as advice on moving from Thailand to other countries.

This group is also one of the top trending hashtags on Twitter.

Meanwhile, the Australian, Swedish and British embassies have jumped on the “moving out of Thailand” trend by posting advice for those interested in their countries.

The Swedish Embassy, for instance, points out that Sweden is known for equality, a strong welfare system that covers everybody living there and innovation.

The Australian mission posted a list of Aussie slang, their meanings and the link to a quiz to see if readers understand the words.

The UK Embassy, meanwhile, presented the “graduate route visa” for those receiving degrees in the UK. Under this programme, those who graduate from a British university can apply to work in the country.