Tuesday, September 21, 2021


Govt to borrow additional THB500 billion to remedy fallout of Covid-19

The Royal Gazette website on Tuesday published an emergency decree allowing the Ministry of Finance to borrow money to tackle social and economic problems caused by the Covid-19 outbreak.



The emergency decree stipulates that the money to be borrowed shall not exceed THB500 billion and is aimed at providing necessary aid and compensation to people in all occupations who have been affected by the new wave of the pandemic.

A news source added that the THB500 billion would be allocated for three areas:

▪︎ THB30 billion for buying drugs, vaccines, medical equipment as well as for research and development of domestic vaccine manufacturing and other medical-related expenditure.

▪︎ THB300 billion to offer handout money to alleviate people’s financial burden during the Covid-19 crisis.

▪︎ THB170 billion will be for economic stimulus, employment generation and investment promotional campaigns to rehabilitate the economy after the pandemic crisis is resolved.

Published : May 25, 2021