Suvarnabhumi tops ranking of global airports threatened by rising sea level


Thailands Suvarnabhumi has a higher risk of flooding from rising sea levels than any other major airport in the world, according to new research.

The research on 14,000 airports was conducted by Aaron N Yesudian and Richard Dawson of Newcastle University in the UK and published in Climate Risk Management Volume 31 last month.

The risk analysis combines information about the location of airports, their exposure to storm surges and current and future sea levels, their connectivity and aircraft traffic (pre-Covid-19), and their current standard of flood protection.

The research showed that of over 14,000 airports worldwide, more than 350 could face flooding by the end of the century – even if the world were to meet the goals of the Paris climate agreement. And if climate change continues unchecked, almost 600 airports will be at risk.

The top 10 airports at risk of flooding are:

1. Suvarnabhumi Airport, Thailand

2. Wenzhou Longwan International Airport, China

3. Sege Airport, Solomon Islands

4. Quanzhou Jinjiang International Airport, China

5. Changzhou Benniu Airport, China

6. Ramata Airport, Solomon Islands

7. Suavanao Airport, Solomon Islands

8. Bosaso Airport, Somalia

9. Fera/Maringe Airport, Solomon Islands

10. Rennell/Tingoa Airport, Solomon Islands

Don Mueang Airport was ranked 71st.