SUNDAY, April 21, 2024

First semester for academic year 2021 will commence on June 14: education minister

First semester for academic year 2021 will commence on June 14: education minister

The first semester for academic year 2021 will go ahead on June 14 and will not be postponed again, Education Minister Treenuch Thienthong announced on Wednesday.

The date was originally set for May 17 but was changed twice – to June 1 and then June 14 – in a bid to curb Covid-19 from spreading.

“The ministry has tasked all schools to prepare for the reopening and adjust their teaching based on one or more of five approaches to suit the situation in their respective area,” she said.

The five approaches are:

1. On-site: schools offer teaching at their facilities as usual.

2. On-demand: teaching is provided via mobile applications.

3. Online: teaching is provided online via the internet.

4. On-hand: lesson and exercise materials are delivered to students at home.

5. On-air: teaching is provided via satellite TV programmes to students in remote areas.

“Schools that choose the on-site approach must prioritise the safety of students from Covid-19 and provide necessary facilities such as hand-washing stations and spaced seating in classrooms to maintain social distancing,” Treenuch said.

“They are also urged to include lessons on Covid-19, such as its nature and how to stay safe from the virus,” she said.

So far more than 33,000 teachers and school staff in Bangkok and surrounding areas have registered to receive Covid-19 vaccinations at Bang Sue Grand Station, Treenuch said.

“As of Wednesday about 70 per cent of these teachers and staff have been inoculated to prepare for the school reopening on June 14,” she added.