Tuesday, September 21, 2021


Phuket fisheries up and running as lockdown ends

The Fish Market Organisation reported that the first day of fish trade in Phuket had gone well, with around 123 tonnes brought to land.



Fishing boats have been allowed to dock for loading and unloading aquatic animals and open trading of aquatic animals since September 3, after being closed for 14 days to screen, clean and disinfect.

From midnight to 9am, 44 fishing boats entered the port with 123,117 kilograms of fish. It is expected that the fisheries sector will help revive Phuket's economy, which also depends heavily on tourism.

Phuket province has 352 commercial fishing boats, 17 berths and 3,159 commercial fishing boat workers. Of the 1,731 workers, 1,528 are Thais and the rest Myanmar, Cambodian and Laotian. In addition, there are 400 fish sorting workers, as well as a total of about 5,000 others.

Phuket fisheries up and running as lockdown ends

Published : September 05, 2021