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Vignette of Phanom Rung temple in ‘LALISA’ has Blackpink fans flocking to Buri Ram

Vignette of Phanom Rung temple in ‘LALISA’ has Blackpink fans flocking to Buri Ram

Buri Ram’s Khmer-influenced Phanom Rung temple has returned to the spotlight after it was featured in the LALISA music video released via YouTube last week.

The pop star behind the music video – Lalisa “Lisa” Manoban – hails from Buri Ram.

Lisa debuted in South Korea in 2016 as a member of the Blackpink girl group that was launched by YG Entertainment.

On Friday, the Blackpink YouTube channel released the LALISA music video featuring Lisa as a solo artist. Lisa is the only Thai member of the group, and her first solo recording has been met with great excitement.

Apart from delivering a catchy tune in modern South Korean style, the music video incorporates many Thai elements such as signs in the Thai language, traditional costumes and different locales.

These references delighted the group’s Thai fans, and the music video became a hot topic of discussion on social media.

The fact that Buri Ram’s ancient Phanom Rung temple was featured in the video has also seen Lisa’s fans flock to the national park.

Provincial authorities said on Tuesday that the number of tourists visiting Phanom Rung National Park has doubled from around 200 to 400 per day since the music video was released.

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Local tourist Sirirak Kittiraweewat, 28, said she had travelled from Surin to see the temple with her own eyes after seeing a simulated version in the music video. She said she was impressed by its beauty and stunned that buildings like this could have been constructed in ancient times. The temple complex was constructed between the 10th and 13th centuries.