Content creator and boyfriend in trouble over alleged sex video


OnlyFans star “Kai Nao” (rotten egg) and her boyfriend were called by police on Friday for allegedly producing a sex video and uploading through the platform.

OnlyFans is an internet content subscription service, through which content creators can earn money from users who subscribe to their content, or so called “fan”. Sexual content among others is popular on the platform.

The Cyber-Crime Investigation Bureau had learned that a female content provider known as Kai Nao had provided sexual content along with her boyfriend. Also, Kai Nao had encouraged interested persons to produce the same kind of content on OnlyFans, via a YouTube video.

Police concluded that Kai Nao’s action was a violation of the Computer Crime Act, as well as the criminal law for allegedly persuading others to engage in inappropriate sexual activity.

On Friday, the OnlyFans star and her boyfriend were called for questioning. The woman reportedly admitted to her actions. Officials said they would prosecute her and the boyfriend.

Police added that other Thai OnlyFans content providers were being investigated and could be prosecuted as well.