Wed, December 08, 2021


Bangkok to invest THB27.5 billion in Grey Line monorail

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) is planning to invest in the construction of a monorail train route from Watcharaphol to Tha Phra – also known as the Grey Line – to create a seamless rail transport system in the province.

“The project has an estimated budget of THB27.5 billion, covering the construction and operation of the 40km route,” BMA permanent secretary Khajit Chatchawanich revealed on Tuesday.

“The route will be divided into three sections: the Watcharaphol-Thonglor section (16.3km) consisting of 15 stations; Phrakhanong-Rama III (12.2km) featuring 16 stations; and Rama III-Tha Phra (11.5km) with 9 stations.”

Once completed, the Grey Line will connect with five other train routes and create a seamless rail transport network capable of transporting 8,000-30,000 passengers per hour. Trains will travel at an average speed of 35 km per hour, with a maximum speed of 80 kph. A round trip on the Grey Line will take around 62 minutes.

Bangkok to invest THB27.5 billion in Grey Line monorail

Khajit said the BMA’s Traffic and Transport Department is conducting an EIA (environmental impact assessment) study on the project for the first section and is expected to finish the assessment by the end of 2022, after which market sounding will start immediately.

“We estimate the construction of the first section could start before 2026 and will take four years to finish. This section should be operational by the year 2030,” he added.

Published : November 17, 2021