Bangkoks canal commuters to pay higher fare


Fares on shuttle boats plying Bangkok’s main Saen Saeb canal will rise by 1 baht from Friday (January 14), the service provider announced on Monday.

Chaovalit Methayaprapas, managing director of Family Transport, said new fares will start at 9 baht and rise incrementally based on the distances. A trip from start to finish will cost 19 baht.

He said the fares need to be increased in line with the rising price of diesel and the fact that his company sustained major losses from the significant drop in commuters due to the pandemic.
Chaovalit added that though the Marine Department gave his company the green light to increase fares since April 10, 2020, he held off due to fears that it would increase the burden on Bangkok commuters.
He explained that previously diesel price was fixed at 25 baht per litre, and that was fine thanks to a high number of passengers.
Bangkoks canal commuters to pay higher fare Now, however, the price of diesel has risen to 30 baht per litre and passengers are staying indoors over fears of Omicron, he said. The number of passengers has dropped by 80 per cent to no more than 10,000 daily.
The Saen Saeb canal boat service is usually popular among Bangkok commuters as it offers them a chance to escape traffic jams at rush hour.