TUESDAY, April 23, 2024

Netizens fume over cafe customer's rude behaviour towards cat

Netizens fume over cafe customer's rude behaviour towards cat

A TikTok clip showing a male customer at a cat café throwing a cat out of the shop to the dangerous roadside has infuriated netizens.

The clip was posted by the owner of a cat café and homemade ice-cream shop in Hua Hin on Tuesday night and it generated over 138,000 views and 3,920 comments by Friday.

The clip showed a male customer entering the shop with a girlfriend. While he was browsing the menus, a cat apparently tried to clear its furball from its throat in the middle of the shop.

The customer tried to use the menu card to drive the cat from the spot, but the feline kept eluding him. When he returned to his seat and table, the cat ran after him and stayed behind him. This time the angry man grabbed the cat, opened the shop’s door, and tossed it outside.

Anxious other cats in the cafe ran to the glass door soon after the incident.

The shop owner, who uses the account itimgon_ong, said he was very sad to find out about the incident.

He said his chef later spotted the cat outside and brought it back into the shop. He said fortunately the cat did not panic and run onto the road amid the traffic.

The shop owner posted that as his shop is a cat café, a cat hater should not have come there in the first place.

He said he had also put up signs around the shop that if any patron feared cats, they should inform the staff who will put them away.

The owner said the incident happened when he was not in the cafe and his chef was alone. The chef was busy preparing meals so he didn’t see what was happening outside the kitchen. The chef was surprised to later find out about how the cat had landed outside, so he informed the shop owner to check the shop's security camera.

The clip drew many angry comments. Some TikTok users even urged the shop owner to locate the “culprit” and take legal action against him for putting the cat’s life in danger.

They said the man should have realised that it was a cat café, and avoided the place if he did not like cats.