Raid in Nakhon Pathom yields nearly 1m kg of illegally stored pork


Nearly a million kilograms of allegedly illegally stored pork have been discovered at a warehouse in Nakhon Pathom province, the Department of Livestock Development said on Friday.

Of the total 1,047,600 kilograms found in the warehouse, the unnamed company could produce documents to show only 81,389kg had been legally transported and stored at this refrigerated storage, the department’s director-general, Sorrawis Thaneeto, said.

The company failed to produce certificates proving the legality of the stored pork, or any documents proving legal transport of the meat to this storage. He said the illegally stored pork would be confiscated. The alleged violator faces a heavy fine along with a possible three-year prison term.

Sorrawis said the wholesale price of pork had now gone down to an average rate of Bt100 per kilogram, while the retail price at malls had fallen to Bt166, and retail price at fresh markets was Bt198-Bt208.