SUNDAY, February 25, 2024

Thai workers to be trained for jobs in Saudi Arabia

Thai workers to be trained for jobs in Saudi Arabia

The Khon Kaen labour employment office said that Labour Minister Suchart Chomklin has instructed Department of Employment officials nationwide to start training Thai workers for jobs in Saudi Arabia. 

The Middle East country needs staff for industries, large construction sites, tourism and service sectors, Prapas Promkhambutr, an official from the Khon Kaen office, said.

Thai workers would also need to study English and pass a test before being employed in Saudi Arabia.
Workers have who registered their interest in working in Saudi Arabia would be informed about job opportunities by the department, Prapas added.
He warned Thais not to fall prey to websites that claimed they could secure employment in Saudi Arabia because most of those offers con the workers into paying job placement fees for nothing.
Department director-general Pairoj Chotsathian had said earlier that more than 300 Thai workers had already registered to work in Saudi Arabia with the Department of Employment.

He said the department is now drafting a memorandum of understanding (MoU)with  Saudi counterparts to send Thai workers to the Middle Eastern state following the recent normalisation of bilateral ties after three decades.
Pairoj said the MoU would be completed in early March after which the department would be able to start registering applications for jobs in the desert kingdom.
At present, workers are allowed only to register their wish to work in Saudi Arabia, Pairoj added.