Eppo unveils plan to provide over 500 EV stations by 2030


As many as 567 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations with 13,251 fast chargers would be set up across the nation by 2030, Energy Policy and Planning Office (Eppo) director Wattanapong Kurowat said on Monday.

Speaking at a seminar organised by Eppo and King Mongkut's University of Technology North Bangkok, he said the office will ensure that the EV charging station development plan will be in line with the National Electric Vehicle Policy Committee's 30@30 policy to produce and use zero-emission vehicles.

Eppo will also promote EV charging stations with 12,000 chargers and 1,450 EV battery-swapping stations by 2030.

He explained that a study on the locations of EV charging stations and number of chargers have been conducted based on accessibility, demand for electricity and appropriate operation costs.

“According to the study results, 567 EV charging stations with 13,251 fast chargers should be set up in Thailand, of which 505 charging stations with 8,227 chargers should be located in large cities and 62 charging stations with 5,024 chargers should be located in highway areas," he said.

He explained that the EV-charging business would come with high operation costs and many factors would affect payback period, such as land renovation, charger installation and electricity costs.

"To ensure that the EV-charging business has appropriate operation costs and attracts investment, Eppo has proposed to support charger costs during the first two years," he said.

He added that Eppo would extend the period of electricity price adjustment under low priority terms, allocate land for electric system preparation, create cooperation between the government and private sectors, and specify size of parking area to support EV charging.

"Eppo will utilise suggestions made in this seminar in the EV charging station development plan to support the government's objective of promoting EV use in the country and ensure that the plan will meet every sector's demand," he said.