Adjusting air-con to 27C and using fan cuts bills and keeps you cool, scientist confirms


Using a fan and turning your air conditioner up to 27°C will save money, according to a Chulalongkorn University science lecturer.

Chula’s Jessada Denduangboripant agreed with advice from the Energy Ministry that this move could reduce electricity bills by 10 to 30 per cent. The lecturer spoke up after the advice caused controversy on social media.

The ministry explained that combining a fan with air-con increases airflow while decreasing the temperature by 2 degrees.

This method saves more electricity than using an air conditioner at 23-24°C, it added.

Jessada backed the advice, saying he used the fan-and-aircon method frequently.

He explained that the air-con compressor works less hard when the temperature is set higher.

Reducing the room’s temperature to 27°C will decrease humidity to a comfortable level, he said. Meanwhile, turning on a fan will make the room cooler as the air current helps the body to shed heat.

Moreover, a fan uses much less electricity than an air conditioner. Turning it up to maximum – or even switching on two or three fans – still uses less power than an air conditioner, Jessada said.

He also suggested cleaning the air conditioner and filter regularly.