10 measures to ease yoke of rising costs for 3 months get Cabinet nod


The Cabinet on Tuesday approved 10 measures to help ease the burden of rising living costs on citizens.

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha said these measures aim to tackle the load posed by the rising cost of oil and the Russia-Ukraine War.

The measures run from May to July and are:

  1. 100 baht cooking gas subsidy for state welfare cardholders.
  2. 100 baht cooking gas subsidy for 5,500 vendors with state welfare cards.
  3. 250 baht subsidy on gasohol per month for 157,000 motorcycle taxi riders who have registered with the Department of Land Transport.
  4. Retail price of natural gas for vehicles (NGV) to be maintained at 15.59 baht per kilogram.
  5. NGV to be sold at 13.62 baht per kilo to taxi drivers under the “NGV for Same Breath” scheme.
  6. 0.22 baht subsidy for people who use less than 300 units of electricity from May to August.
  7. Diesel to be maintained at 30 baht per litre until the end of April after which the government will cover half of the price increase.
  8. Price of cooking gas will be regulated from April to June and subsidised through the Oil Fuel Fund.
  9. Employers’ and employees’ contributions to the Social Security Fund under Section 33 will be reduced from 5 per cent to 1 per cent.
  10. Contributions of people covered under the Social Security Act’s Section 39 will be reduced to 1.9 per cent and contributions under Section 40 will be brought down to 180 baht per month.

10 measures to ease yoke of rising costs for 3 months get Cabinet nod