Bus ride to Chiang Mai comes with discounts to night safari, hot springs

MONDAY, MARCH 28, 2022

State-run interprovincial bus operator Transport Company will offer discounts to two attractions in Chiang Mai in a bid to boost the province’s tourism industry.

Travellers who buy bus tickets to Chiang Mai will be eligible for a 20 per cent discount on tickets to the Chiang Mai Night Safari or 50 per cent off the entry fee for San Kamphaeng Hot Springs. The campaign, organised in cooperation with the Pinknakorn Development Agency, runs from April 1 to September 30.

“The discount will need to be used up within seven days. Visitors to the hot springs can also exchange the entry fee discount for 300 baht off lodging if they want to stay overnight,” said Transport Company president Sanyalak Panyawatthanalikhit.

The discount is limited to one person per bus ticket and cannot be used with other sales promotions.

Tickets can be reserved via www.transport.co.th, the e-ticket mobile app or at Transport Company counters nationwide.