Thai novelists get justice for copyright theft in Cambodia

MONDAY, APRIL 04, 2022

The Department of Intellectual Property has stepped in to help two Thai novelists whose works were published in Cambodia without authorisation.

Officials responded after Jamsai Publishing complained that work by its novelists, who use the pseudonyms “Stampberry” and “Pui Fai”, had been found on Cambodian websites and Facebook pages, department director-general Wutthikrai Leeweeraphan said on Sunday. The works were published in the neighbouring country without consent from the authors or the publisher, which holds the copyright.

“The department promptly contacted Cambodia’s Department of Intellectual Property and urged them to delete all of the infringing works from websites and Facebook pages, and order the owners of the sites to publish an apology on their platforms,” said Wutthikrai.

He explained that the department is supporting the government’s soft power campaign by helping negotiate the purchase and sale of copyrighted works both in Thailand and overseas. Part of its duty is to protect Thais from theft of copyright and ensure they are properly compensated for their publications, he added.

Wutthikrai pointed out that each country has its own laws and practices to handle copyright issues.

“Any Thai publishers who encounter intellectual property issues overseas should not hesitate to contact the department for legal advice or any assistance in dealing with foreign authorities,” he said.