‘Mama’ noodles to cost more from May: source


Thai President Foods has notified its trade partners and retailers that the prices of its popular “Mama” instant noodles will be adjusted up starting from May, a news source revealed on Thursday.

The company said wholesale prices of yellow noodles such as Tom Yum and minced pork flavors will increase from 143 baht to 145 baht per box of 30 packs, and from 858 baht to 870 baht per carton of 180 packs. This will make the retail price of Mama noodles go up from 6 baht per pack to 6.50-7 baht.

However, the prices of white noodles and Mama Cup will remain the same.

The source said the company cited rising costs of transport and raw materials such as wheat flour and palm oil in the past few years as the reason for the price increase.

“The company expects transport costs to jump even higher after the government ends its 30-baht-per-litre cap on the diesel price on May 1,” added the source.

‘Mama’ noodles to cost more from May: source

Mama is Thai President Foods’ flagship product, witnessing sales worth 14 billion baht in 2021. The brand of noodles has undergone a price increase three times throughout its history.

The company started selling Mama instant noodles in 1972 at a retail price of 2 baht per pack. It hiked the price to 5 baht in 1997 as a result of the Tom Yum Kung financial crisis. The price of Mama went up again ten years later, in 2007, to 6 baht per pack due to rising raw material costs.