Line warns chat app users to beware of scammers


The operator of Line online communication application on Wednesday warned users to beware of scammers who aim to steal personal information via SMS and Line chat.

The warning comes amid increasing number of scammers devising various ways to deceive people, such as by asking people to transfer cash or claiming themselves to be police or government officials.

Line recently informed users that some scammers claimed themselves to be company officials and posted job announcements via SMS and Line chat.

It added that these scammers are also inviting Line users to add them as a friend in a bid to steal personal information, resulting in damage to people and companies involved.

"Hence, we would like to ask Line users not to click on links with unknown origin or provide personal information through online channels without checking throughly," it said.

Meanwhile, users should report these scammers to the company by pressing "Other settings" and "Report", it added.