FDA launches app for marijuana, hemp growers


Thailand’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) launched its “Plookganja” application on Wednesday for people who want to grow marijuana and hemp at home.

The two plants will be removed from the category 5 narcotics list on June 9.

“From June 9, all parts of marijuana and hemp will not be considered a narcotics substance as long as they have tetrahydrocannabinol [THC] of less than 0.2 per cent of weight,” said FDA deputy secretary-general Dr Withit Saritdeechaikul.

“People can therefore grow these plants at home without any restrictions or having to seek permission from the FDA. However, they are required to register with the FDA and notify the agency of the number of plants and the purpose for growing them.”

Those interested in doing should either log on to http://plookganja.fda.moph.go.th or download the Plookganja application, which is available for both iOS and Android devices.

“Once you register and detail the number of plants and the purpose for growing them, you will receive an electronic notification from the FDA and can then proceed with growing the plants,” Withit explained.

He said the purpose of registration is for the FDA to record the number of marijuana and hemp plants being grown countrywide, which will be valuable statistics for businesses that wish to manufacturer products with ingredients from these plants. This also corresponds with the government’s policy of removing them from the narcotics list: to make marijuana and hemp new "economic plants".

For more information, contact FDA call centre via 1556 and press 3.

FDA launches app for marijuana, hemp growers