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SATURDAY, September 23, 2023

Skytrain passengers still required to wear masks

Skytrain passengers still required to wear masks
FRIDAY, June 24, 2022

Passengers of BTS Skytrain are still required to wear face masks at all times on the mass transit system, despite the mask mandate being lifted on Friday.

Bangkok Mass Transit System, which operates the Skytrain, made the announcement after the Royal Gazette scrapped mandatory face-covering.

“Passengers are reminded that although mask-wearing has been made non-mandatory for outdoor public areas, BTS Skytrain still requires masks to be worn at all times while using the system,” said BTS. It added that any future changes to this requirement would be announced accordingly.

No announcements on mask-wearing had been made by other operators of mass transit systems in Bangkok at press time.

Skytrain passengers still required to wear masks

The government has made mask-wearing voluntary, although people are advised to cover their faces in crowded and poorly ventilated areas.

The Public Health Ministry has also urged elderly people and those with chronic illnesses to wear face masks around other people to reduce the risk of catching Covid-19. Infected people and those in close contact with them are also advised to wear masks.