Thai govt bank launches housing loans for LGBTQ+ couples

MONDAY, JUNE 27, 2022

LGBTQ+ couples now have the right to Government Housing Bank (GH Bank) loans, the bank said on Monday.

GH Bank said the move to promote equality was in line with its mission to help Thais improve their life quality by owning their homes.

The bank is issuing a new loan called "My Pride" targeted at LGBTQ+ homebuyers.

Annual interest for the first three years is set at the minimum retail rate minus 2.4 per cent. The bank’s standard interest rates apply from the fourth year until the end of the contract, which can last up to 40 years.

"This loan is being granted to customers who want to purchase a house, condominium or the bank's NPA land," the announcement said. "Instalment payments can be made for up to 40 years."


My Pride loans are available until December 30 this year at GH Bank branches nationwide, the call centre at (02) 645 9000,, @ghbank Facebook page or the GHB ALL application.