Bangkok to pilot medical sandbox using digital tech in five districts


Five Bangkok districts have been selected to pilot the “Rachapiphat Sandbox”, a medical programme that aims to increase healthcare standards in metropolitan areas using digital technology.

The programme will be led by Rachapiphat Hospital under the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration’s Medical Service Department in five districts – Thawi Watthana, Bang Khae, Nong Khaem, Phasi Charoen and Taling Chan.

“The Rachapiphat Sandbox aims to increase treatment standards of primary health centres, improve the patient transfer system and utilise telemedicine to expand coverage at the community level,” Bangkok deputy governor Tavida Kamolvej said on Tuesday.

Bangkok to pilot medical sandbox using digital tech in five districts

“The programme will use digital technology to help streamline patient management and transfer systems to reduce crowding at major hospitals and health centres in areas with a high density of population, while ensuring that everyone receives high quality treatment via telemedicine regardless of their location,” she said.

Under the programme, 69 primary healthcare centres, which include Public Health service centres, Ob Oon clinics and community health centres in pilot areas, will receive an overhaul regarding patient diagnosis and transfer, Tavida said.

Bangkok to pilot medical sandbox using digital tech in five districts

“These primary centres must be able to quickly diagnose patients and coordinate with hospitals for a transfer in case advanced treatment is needed,” she said.

“We will also increase the number of specialised physicians at these centres so they can treat non-critical patients immediately and reduce the burden on major hospitals,” the deputy governor said.

“Covid-19 has made us realise that our public health system still has shortcomings because it is unorganised and has overlapping duties among primary and secondary healthcare institutes,” Tavida said.

“We hope the medical sandbox programme will help us address these problems and serve as a model for a more efficient healthcare system in all of Bangkok as well as in other big cities.”