Farms in North, South expected to brim over with fruit this year

TUESDAY, JUNE 16, 2020

Fruit growers in the South are expected to harvest 5.93 per cent more durian, mangosteen, rambutan and langsat this year compared to last, while the production of longan in the North is expected to rise by 2.42 per cent year on year, the Office of Agricultural Economics said.

Pollachet Tracho, the office’s deputy secretary-general, said the increase in production of the four fruits in the South was mainly due an extra 43,810 rai dedicated to fruit orchards. The land dedicated to growing fruit has risen 5.19 per cent from 884,042 rai to 887,852 rai.
"Land dedicated to growing durian and mangosteen is expected to rise by 13.80 per cent and 1.57 per cent, respectively," he said. "However, the area to grow rambutan and langsat are expected to drop by 5.27 per cent and 5.65 per cent, respectively."
He said the production of the four fruits this year will rise 47,252 tonnes to 844,003 tonnes from last year’s 796,751 tonnes, adding that durian, mangosteen, and rambutan trees will be harvested in August and langsat in September.
Pollachet added that the production of durian is expected rise by 22.03 per cent, because “the price of durian in the previous year was high. Meanwhile, the production of mangosteen, rambutan, and langsat are expected to decrease due to the drought situation, as farmers may use water to take care of durian tree that generates higher income."
He added that eight provinces in the North this year are expected to dedicate 4,905 rai more to the growing of longan.
“Of the total production area, 637,588 rai or 74.61 per cent will yield fruit from June to September, while 217,027 rai or 25.39 per cent will yield offseason," he said.
He expected 635,394 tonnes of longan to be produced this year, up 15,015 tonnes or 2.42 per cent from last year’s 620,379 tonnes, adding that 386,065 tonnes or 60.76 per cent will be yielded in season especially in August, while 249,329 tonnes or 39.24 per cent will yield offseason.
"The production of longan is expected to increase due to suitable weather conditions," he said, adding that the office will continue monitoring fruit production and help related authorities in issuing appropriate measures.