Girl with snake tattoo’s adventures grabs attention on social media


Netizens are closely monitoring the story of a woman who developed a bad rash after her tattoo of a green viper was “fixed”.

The story of Suphannee Ruang-on, 32, went viral after she recounted her experience with a tattoo she got from a shop in Nakhon Si Thammarat.

She said she wanted a tattoo of the mythical snake Phaya Naga, but ended up with one that looked like a green viper with a mohawk.

Upon returning, she visited a tattooist in Bangkok, who promised to fix her tattoo. However, on Tuesday she said she has developed a rash on the “fixed” tattoo, and her condition hasn’t improved even after taking pills.

Thai netizens waiting for updates on Suphannee’s story to see if she will take legal action against the tattoo artist.