Nonthaburi offers free boosters in bid to keep Omicron at bay


Covid-19 vaccines will boost people’s immunity against all variants of the new coronavirus, including Omicron, the Department of Disease Control was quoted as saying in Nonthaburi public health office’s Facebook page on Sunday.

“Vaccines can reduce the chance of developing severe symptoms, hospitalisation and deaths by up to 90 per cent,” the post said. “People who have received two jabs more than three months ago should get a booster immediately to keep Omicron at bay.”

The Nonthaburi public health office has also invited people to register for an AstraZeneca booster via https://www.นนท์พร้อม.com/nontprompt/vcevent/slot/47.

Those who get a booster via this setup will automatically be booked for a fourth shot of the Pfizer vaccine three months later.

“There is no restriction on nationality or residence. Anyone who has already received two shots of any vaccine can register,” the office said. “The jabs will be administered at Central Westgate department store from Thursday onwards.”