CNN Travel includes Isaan sausages, khao soi, crab omelettes in list of best street foods in Asia


Khai jeow pu (crab omelette), khao soi (curried noodles) and sai krok Isaan (Northeast fermented sausages) were included in CNN Travel’s latest collection of 50 best street foods in Asia.

“It’s great that Thailand’s street food is still attractive to people across the world,” government spokesman Anucha Buraphachaisri said on Monday.


He said Thai cuisine is popular among people worldwide because it offers a wide variety of tastes and textures. He added that the government is cooperating with related agencies to promote Thailand’s soft powers internationally in a bid to boost economic value and generate revenue for the country.

According to CNN Travel, crispy edges, fluffy texture and drizzle of sweet chilli sauce take the simple wok-cooked Thai crab omelette to the next level.

Sai krok Isaan, one of the most commonly devoured street foods in the Northeast, round out the perfect bite with condiments like ginger, chillies and fresh cabbage.

Khao soi, meanwhile, was described as gorgeous golden bowls of hearty, creamy, chilli-laced coconut broth that sits on a bed of egg noodles with chicken legs or beef.