Sat, October 16, 2021


Around 40 protestors arrested in Mandalay

Police have started arresting anti-military coup protestors at about 10 am today and around 40 have been arrested in Mandalay Region. 

Of those arrestees, a DVD reporter by the name of Ba Gyi Aung was released by the police station concerned that said he was mistakenly arrested. 

Police arrested the protestors in 38th Street between 73rd and 74th Streets in Mandalay city after making an announcement that gatherings will not be allowed. 

Initially, one man and two women were arrested in the street. After their arrests, the protestors were staging a sit-in protest at the corner of 73rd Street and 38th Street and at the corner of 74th Street and 38th Street. 

Then, a team from the general administration department announced that the protestors were to disperse, and started firing water cannons and arresting them at around 11.30 am.  

“Around 40 protestors were arrested on 38th Street. They are being detained temporarily,” said a police officer. 

“The reporter was among the protestors when he was arrested. He told us he is a reporter, but we could not release him immediately. So we put him into a prison van. But now, he has been released,” the officer added. 

Published : February 10, 2021

By : YIN MYO THWE Eleven Media/ANN