Sun, October 17, 2021


[Myanmar] Over 700 fruit trucks bound for China stranded, face damage at border gates in Muse

Over 700 cargo trucks carrying fruits are getting stranded at Kyinsankyawt and Pangsaing (Kyugok) border gates in Muse Township, northern Shan State, facing loss and damage due to delays in entering and exiting China. 

“There are minor problems at the border gate every day. This is partly because of a lot of fruit trucks. Now, over 600 to 700 trucks are stranded. They have to enter the queue causing delays. So we are facing damage and loss to our products,” said local fruiterer Nam Kham Khin.   

Despite good prices in melons these days, only about 80 cargo trucks can enter and exit China after a replaced driver tested positive for Covid-19. Merchants are facing challenges compounded by the political situation. 

“Melon market is good. But, not many trucks cannot enter China after a driver was infected with the virus. There are about 600 cargo trucks outside. Yet, only about 80 can enter. Their replaced drives prioritize their goods only. Trade is not easy. We also have difficulty with the banking system. This is not a good sign for merchants,” said Sai Khin Maung, vice chair of Muse 105th Mile Fruit Wholesale. 

Such delays are being caused as Chinese drivers focus on operating their trucks. 

“We also experienced the same problem last year. It is unsolvable. Companies are trying to solve the problem. But it is not as effective as the action by traffic police. Kyinsankyawt Road has to struggle as well,” said merchants and drivers.   

Fruit transport charge is around K1.5 million per truckload from Bago or Yangon and K1.4 million from Mandalay or Sagaing. 

Published : February 24, 2021

By : PYAE SONE Elevan Media/ANN