FRIDAY, March 01, 2024

Tokyo Games impose stricter rules on athletes to avoid infection

Tokyo Games impose stricter rules on athletes to avoid infection

A second version of the rule book, which includes measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and stricter regulations for athletes and officials participating in the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, was released Wednesday.

The first version of the rule book, or the Playbook, was published in February. However, it was revised after the outbreak of variant strains of the virus.

Everyone entering the country, including athletes, is required to be tested twice within 96 hours of their departure and also upon their arrival. Those staying at the athletes’ village can only eat inside the village or at a Games venue.

If an athlete or official chooses to stay at another location, they may dine at either catering facilities at Games venues, the restaurants at their hotels, or in their hotel rooms using room service or delivery service.

In principle, athletes and officials will not be allowed to use public transportation. Violation of the rules can result in disqualification or other penalties.

Prior to the release of the second version, the government held a meeting on Wednesday to discuss measures to deal with various situations. It agreed on new protocols in the event an Olympic or Paralympic athlete was to test positive for the virus.

The protocols include setting up a general clinic, a special outpatient clinic for those who come down with a fever, and a virus-testing lab. It will be open 24 hours a day during the Games. The government also agreed to designate hospitals that will accept athletes who require hospitalization in and around Tokyo.

A contagious disease center for monitoring the health and movements of the athletes and a Tokyo hub for coordinating with public health centers will open in June.

The final version of the Playbook is expected to be released in June