SUNDAY, April 21, 2024

China's night economy to surpass 40 trln yuan by end of 2022

China's night economy to surpass 40 trln yuan by end of 2022

The night economy across China is seeing a resurgence as epidemic prevention control measures ease and people venture out to enjoy warm summer evenings. Data from iiMedia Research shows that the nighttime economy will bring in revenues of more than 40 trillion yuan by the end of the year.

According to the China Tourism Academy, more than 200 cities across the country have launched special nighttime tourism programs. Cities in east China's Zhejiang Province are offering activities to tourists at nighttime covering food fairs, light shows, performances and exhibitions.

Shenjiamen seafood night stall is a landmark of Zhoushan City's tourism industry. At night, endless streams of customers flood the stalls to enjoy fresh seafood delicacies.

"With these two stalls, our customers have already taken more than 10 tables, which is better than we expected. I guess the customers for tomorrow will be just as many as today," said a vendor at Shenjiamen seafood night stall.

In addition to traditional night fairs and stalls, new night businesses are also emerging.

In Fuyang District of Hangzhou City, with hanging signs and decorated with lamps and paintings, a car boot sale has started, where young people can start their own business selling handicrafts or other items from the boots of their cars.

In Shaoxing City's Shengzhou County, elaborate light shows are attracting more tourists, In the show Fireflies Under the Moon, the lighting effects, together with the real fireflies in the performance, create a unique and fascinating night scene.

In Mantangli Natural Village of Huzhou City's Anji County, lighting, camping, barbecue, hot-air balloons, and other activities make the village come to life under the stars.

"It is no problem if the weather permits. The total revenue is about more than one million yuan," said Zhu Shaojie, project manager of Anji's Light of Land Art Commune.