Taiwan shooting down drone near China was 'appropriate', premier says


Taiwan's shooting down of a drone off the Chinese coast that buzzed a Taiwanese-controlled island was the most "appropriate" thing to do after repeated warnings, and China should exercise restraint, Taiwan Premier Su Tseng-chang said on Friday.

On Thursday, Taiwan's military for the first time shot down an unidentified civilian drone that entered its airspace near the tiny Lion islet, which is part of the Kinmen islands that sits next door to China's Xiamen city, after the government vowed to take tough measures to deal with an increase in such intrusions.

The incident came after Taiwan had repeatedly complained of harassment by drones coming from China and flying right up close to the Kinmen islands, which have been taking place as Beijing stages military drills around Taiwan.


At least two videos of recent drone trips have circulated widely on Chinese social media, in one of which Taiwanese soldiers were seen throwing stones at the craft. Chinese forces have been exercising near Taiwan since early last month, following the visit to Taipei of U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, which infuriated Beijing.