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Waste management: thinking outside the bag

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Re: “PM admits to failure in tackling problem of waste management”, Politics, May 28.



I can’t understand why Thailand doesn’t embrace waste-burning power plants. The country certainly produces enough waste!
The prime minister insists people should use cloth bags and yet does nothing about the tsunami of plastic handed out by shops as if it were some sort of contest to see who can pollute the fastest.
Where do you think all this plastic goes after you use it for three minutes? Plastic bags should be banned completely. Perhaps the only reason this hasn’t yet happened is that the companies making plastic bags are very generous to lawmakers.
Meanwhile the country is littered with plastic. The oceans are so full of it that the fish we eat now contain plastic as well. Thailand has been named one of the top five ocean polluters in the world.
Wake up: Ban plastic and embrace waste-burning technology. Thailand could import garbage from neighbouring countries and they would pay you for it.
Karl Stanford

Published : May 30, 2016