Friday, September 17, 2021


Alarm sounded over girls’ drinking

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Getting drunk is as much a part of growing up as getting high, driving fast and having sex or unprotected sex. Most kids grow out of it.



The rest are in Pattaya.

I would say it’s pretty tame here compared to a lot of UK towns and cities on a Friday or Saturday night!

I have met thousands of alcohol drinkers during my lifetime. I would go as far as to say that none of them have ever done or experienced any of the examples mentioned. I would also add that 99.99 per cent of the ones I have met are nice, friendly, sociable people, all of whom do more good than bad.
Yes, there is a very small minority that can be a problem after consuming alcohol to excess, but just because you, personally, are against it, does not make it wrong to take part.
There is nothing worse than the “holier than thou” anti-drinking brigade.

Even Thai girls who drive a car drink far too much and drive home.
In places like Tawan Daeng, they have beer-drinking contests on stage for girls. The one who can drink a huge glass of beer the fastest wins something. It’s fun to watch, but real ladies don’t do such things.

Published : August 10, 2017