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An eye-opener for the advocates of vegetarianism

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Now when we have learned that a vast part of greens and fruits contain unhealthy remains of chemicals, Eric Bahrt and Alf Haupt should undergo an additional test under the UV lamp in their health contest for us to witness who of them turn fluorscent – green or yellow.

I am afraid Mr Bahrt will gloss and sparkle the most, but The Nation’s own letter-doctor could interpret the two men’s appearance under the UV lamp in a more professional style, but please do not kick us in the head with too many far-fetched words and expressions so maybe people on my level and downward could understand the doctor’s findings.
Fat is an import part of the body and the nerve system. I wonder if vegetarians get enough of it. To me, they seem to be oversensitive, over-receptive and too fast to pull the trigger. But on the contrary, do meat-eaters get too much fat around their nerve strings, get too buffered, bolstered or cushioned to have any other feelings than their own well-being and comfort? I wonder if the two word-swingers should undergo a fat test too to see who is most in balance.
A Johnsen

Published : November 26, 2017