Saturday, September 18, 2021


Our children are not sex aids

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It is rather unfortunate that my last letter was so truncated. I fully appreciate that editing is The Nation’s prerogative but the letter contained essential facts.



It did lay out the truth.
If Robin Grant and B Davies are aware of the facts as they claim, then they should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves for supporting such base immorality. They, like the perpetrators of this base savagery, have no place in a civilised society. Our children are being trafficked, raped and tortured by Muslim gangs for their perverted sexual pleasure. One 13-year-old girl suffered the attentions of 50 of these vile creatures. They even use babies for their practice of “thighing”. 
Whistleblower Tommy Robinson, who has been supported by Lord Pearson in the House of Lords, has spent years of his life exposing this disgusting practice. Robinson is a father of young children. The British press will not give this uncivilised behaviour even one column inch. The Home Secretary, Sajid Javid, who is a Muslim, placed a ban on reporting the criminal arrest of Mr Robinson. That is a direct attack on freedom of speech. Robinson was not arrested because of a previous incident but solely based on his reporting of a mass rape case while outside the court. Within a few hours he was arrested, charged and incarcerated by the same judge in the Muslim paedophile court case. 
If Mssrs Grant and Davies think that this base level of behaviour is compatible with a democratic civilisation, then they need to do some serious homework. That any reasoning civilised person can not only condone but also support sick, abusive paedophilia leaves one sickened to the stomach.
JC Wilcox

Published : June 01, 2018