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For Halloween horrors all year round, try visiting a slaughterhouse

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Halloween is upon us again, with corpses, clanking chains and the tormented screams of the damned.

But why do we need a fake Halloween when we can witness this horror and gore any day of the year? Every day millions of innocent individuals, quaking with fear, are goaded into pens and lines, to wait in gut-churning terror for their turn with the chains and the blades and the saws. These intelligent, sensitive individuals are well aware that a diabolical fate awaits them. 
With bulging eyes and frothing mouths they do all in their power to escape, but to no avail. 
Only we, the consumers, have the power to save them: to do so is as easy as refusing to support the animal industries with our shopping budgets. Given that November 1 is World Vegan Day, what 
better time to help end this Halloween hell.
Jenny Moxham

Published : October 30, 2018