Thursday, September 23, 2021


Agonising fiery deaths exposed our casual cruelty

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Re: “Chickens burned alive after truck catches fire”, The Nation, May 23.



How tragic for the 200 chickens who were agonisingly burned to death while trapped in crates in a truck that caught fire on Thursday. But the cruel reality is that these birds would likely have died in agony anyway. 
Had they not been killed by the flames they would have been strung up by their ankles from a conveyor belt which would have dipped them in a stun bath and delivered them to an automated throat-cutter. Those who succeeded in avoiding both – as many do – would have been agonisingly boiled alive.
Please open your hearts and your minds. No innocent and inoffensive animal deserves to be treated so mercilessly by us humans. As a vegan of 40 years I can assure you that no cruelty to animals is necessary.
Jenny Moxham

Published : May 26, 2019