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Bangkok FC player sacked after Muay Thai-style attack on opponent

Bangkok FC player sacked after Muay Thai-style attack on opponent

Bangkok FC player Aitsaret Noichaiboon has been sacked by his club for attacking an opposition player in one of the worst acts of violence ever seen in Thai professional football.

Aitsaret squared up to North Bangkok University’s Supasan Ruangsuphanimit during their Thai League 3 game before smashing him in the face with a Muay Thai-style elbow strike.


Photo Credit: AIS Play

The referee immediately showed Aitsaret a red card.

The shocking attack left Supasan bloodied and in need of 24 stitches to close a deep facial wound.

It happened in the last minute of the match, with Bangkok FC losing 3-0.

Aitsaret was tackled and then tripped by Supasan as he went to fetch the ball. An outraged Aitsaret then ran over to his opponent and swung a left elbow into his face, knocking him to the ground.

Bangkok FC sacked him after the match ended, announcing that Aitsaret’s contract was terminated with immediate effect.

“Bangkok FC does not support any kind of unsportsmanlike conduct including using violence on the pitch,” said the statement.

“The club regrets this incident and will do everything to prevent this kind of incident from happening again.”

Aitsaret later posted a Facebook message saying he regretted his action, calling it too extreme. He apologised to Supasan as well as to the fans, executives, coaches and players of both teams.

North Bangkok University FC said it file a police complaint over the assault. Supasan was taken to Bangpakok-Rangsit 2 Hospital where his face was stitched up.