Tips on enjoying Songkran festivities to the fullest

SUNDAY, APRIL 07, 2024

As this year's Songkran Festival is near, here are some tips that could help Thai and foreign revellers alike to enjoy and celebrate this annual event to the fullest.

As most people return to their home towns to visit their relatives or take trips with their families during the long holiday, preparation is necessary to ensure safe and healthy journeys.

Tips on enjoying Songkran festivities to the fullest

According to Nation Group's media arm Krungthep Turakij, tips for safe and healthy travel are:

• Study routes in advance: Travellers should observe factors that could facilitate or obstruct their journey, such as road conditions, fuel stations or shortcuts to avoid traffic jams.

• Get plenty of rest: As motorists need to concentrate on driving their vehicles, this tip can prevent road accidents triggered by falling asleep at the wheel.

• Prepare generic medicines: Drugs and medical supplies for relieving pain, fever, allergy, diarrhea and headache could help on the journey.

• Check vehicle conditions before travelling: Vehicle checking is a basic rule when taking a long trip. Parts that need to be checked are battery, wheels, lighting system, brakes and radiator.

• Note emergency numbers: This tip will allow travellers to contact relevant agencies in case of emergency. Recommended numbers are the police call centre 191, the Tourist Police call centre 1155, the traffic hotline 1197 and the National Institute for Emergency Medicine's call centre 1669.

• Get accident insurance: Prepare for unexpected accidents.

Tips on enjoying Songkran festivities to the fullest

How to enjoy water fights

Revellers are recommended to be well prepared before, during and after festivities to prevent ailments like heatstroke, skin irritation and foot fungus.

• Before the fight: Revellers should wear light clothes and drink water to keep hydrated. Hats, sunglasses and sunscreen can protect revellers from sunlight, while sandals can prevent foot fungus.

• During the fight: Revellers should avoid playing between 11am and 3pm to prevent risk of heatstroke. They should avoid drinking alcohol and using ice to prevent risk of illness or accidents. Those who feel hot and dizzy should see a doctor.

• After the fight: Revellers should take a bath and change their clothes immediately. They should stay in ventilated houses or venues, and avoid turning a fan directly at the body.

Tips for healthy skin

Revellers who pay attention to their skin health should use sunscreen every two hours until arriving at their residences. Hats, long-sleeve shirts or pants can help guard against ultraviolet radiation's impact on skin.

They should play at venues that use clean water and avoid using soft prepared chalk that does not meet safety standards.

If developing sunburn, revellers should use aloe vera gel to relieve their pain.